Nobody puts baby in the bottle
A Review of Tiger Baby by Mikkeller
Posted on 10/7/2012 by Chops
This past summer I had the honor of visiting the world famous Mikkeller Bar in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a magical experience, one I will remember for a lifetime. It is my new happy place in the world and I dream of returning. So for my 400th beer review, I can think of no greater shout out than to the wonderful world of Mikkeller. One of the many brews I sampled there was the Tiger Baby, an American Pale Ale brewed with passion fruit. And in typical Mikkeller fashion, this beer is nowhere near as simple as it sounds.

In the glass, this beer has a beautiful burnt sienna coloration. It comes with a frothy white head that has good retention. On the nose, I was greeted with a sweet caramel smell which is perfectly balanced with an earthy hop sting. I couldn't ask for a better introduction, so I leaned in for that first sip. Then out of nowhere I was assaulted by an array of tropical fruit notes, namely passion fruit, mango, pineapple, and various other citrus. Wow. This beer's aroma was a great deal of fun to dissect, so definitely take your time with it if you ever get a chance.

All it took was one sip for my eyes to roll back into my head in pure beer bliss. Tiger Baby is an explosion of flavor. Let me put it like this: I'm writing this review five months after the experience and I can still remember this beer's taste in intimate detail. The base flavor is a rich candied malt consisting of caramel and brown sugar. The hop profile gives this base an earthy herbal vibe and acts as more of an amplification tool. From there it's onto the tropical fruit bonanza, which is the primary focus of the flavor profile. All of the notes from the aroma are present: passion fruit, mango, pineapple, even some peaches and tart cherries. For the style, this is hands down one of the most complex American Pale Ales I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. It finishes much like a sour ale where the hops disappear and you are left with a tart fruity aftertaste.

Overall, Mikkeller's Tiger Baby is a paradise in a glass. This is a fantastic beer that I hope every beer drinker gets to experience. I really had to fight the urge to score Tiger Baby as a perfect American Pale Ale because it's just too wild of an interpretation to do so. But if there was an experimental category for the APA style, this beer would be a champion. So as usual with Mikkeller, I stand and applaud the creative genius behind an extraordinary beer. This is why craft beer fans love Mikkeller and keep coming back for more. Now all I need to do is figure out how to get Tiger Baby in a bottle. But as we all know, nobody puts baby in the bottle.

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Tiger Baby by Mikkeller
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