The Danish baseline
A Review of Carlsberg Lager by Carlsberg Brewery
Posted on 6/25/2012 by Chops
When exploring the range of beers in any given region, you have two primary obligations: try the best and try the most popular. You will notice that I didn't say anything about trying the worst. That's because more often times than not, the most popular beer and the lowest quality beer go hand in hand. There are always exceptions to the rule (Ireland for example). On a recent trip to Denmark, I searched for the best and the most popular local beers. The best was easy to find since Copenhagen is home to Mikkeller. On the flip side, the most popular brew goes by the name of Carlsberg. It's so common that I was even able to find it on the Scandinavian Airlines. I expected Carlsberg to be the Danish version of Budweiser, but thankfully it wasn't that terrible.

In the glass, this beer has a standard straw coloration, maybe a hue darker than normal. It comes with a frothy white head that actually has good retention. On the nose, there was little more than the standard grassy aroma common with lagers. Thankfully it wasn't too metallic at all, which was a pleasant surprise. The flavor is pretty standard as well, just a general grassy taste with some faint lemony citrus. It's easy to drink and is decently refreshing. The metallic tone remained subdued, which increased its general appeal. It has a very light finish with little aftertaste.

Overall, the Carlsberg Lager is a decent no-frills base lager. As a standard domestic, it's one of the better versions I have tasted. Carlsberg is infinitely better than the American domestic garbage beers like Budweiser, Coors and Miller. That alone is reason to give it some praise. But don't get me wrong, it's still a bland sub-par beer. I can't recommend it on the craft beer circuit because it simply can't compete. But on the mass-produced market, I consider it one of the better options. I could see drinking it at limited option places like sporting events and concerts (and when trapped on a plane).

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Carlsberg Lager by Carlsberg Brewery
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