You had me at mango
A Review of Necromangocon by B. Nektar Meadery
Posted on 7/18/2013 by Chops
Happiness comes in many forms, be it reading a favorite book or sitting down at a favorite restaurant. For this beer fan, one area of reliable happiness is the mango. I care not how the mango used, I believe it instantly betters whatever it touches. Mango salsa? Heaven. Mango smoothie? Hell yes. Dried mango? Snackalicious. So, the moment I came across B. Nektar's Necromangocon, you might say that the decision was already made for me. This is a honey wine made with mango and black pepper. The second ingredient could have been haggis for all I cared, I stopped reading at mango and put the bottle in my basket.

In the glass, this mead has a bright neon-like yellow coloration. I found no head to speak of, just some light bubblies. To be honest, I have no idea if this means anything. This being a honey wine, so I had to disconnect some of my beer-brain expectations. On the nose, I found the sweet punch of honey and a touch of scuppernong-like tang. There is also a faint peppery tingle, but I found little mango on the nose. No worries though, I assumed the sweetness of the honey would be somewhat dominant.

Wow, talk about a crazy mishmash of flavors (in a good way). The first sip tasted like muscadine grape must with a black pepper infusion. The second sip uncovered a muted mango sweetness and some warm honey notes. The third sip saw the honey and grapes emerge as primary flavors. From there I enjoyed a free-for-all of fruity sweet peppery goodness. It took several sips to get used to, but the rest of the session is simply delightful. The mead is crisp, smooth, and easy drinking. It finishes clean and exits with a sweet fruity aftertaste complete with a mild lingering pepper bite.

Overall, B. Nektar's Necromangocon is a strangely delicious concoction. It's definitely unlike any other mead I have ever had, which is the great appeal of B. Nektar as a whole. They push boundaries in their industry much like Dogfish Head does in the craft beer world. This is of course why we love them and keep coming back for more. Needless to say, I can easily recommend the Necromangocon to any brew fan. Wine and beer fans alike, seasoned or novice, can appreciate the subtle complexity and zany personality contained in each bottle. Once again, I have to tip my drinking hat to B. Nektar for another delectable creation. At the very least, they guarantee a unique and rewarding experience in every bottle. And at the very best, you become a fan for life.

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Necromangocon by B. Nektar Meadery
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