Tis the season to drink good beer
A Review of Brooklyn Oktoberfest by Brooklyn Brewery
Posted on 9/17/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
It's that time of year again. Breweries got started on them back in March, aged them over the summer, and now its time to bottle and release some of the tastiest seasonal beers there are. Of course I am talking about the Oktoberfests. There will be countless offerings from all over the place hitting the shelves and tempting your taste buds in the upcoming weeks, and you will be faced with the awesome challenge of having to choose which will make it into your glass. Well friends, allow me to tell you about one of these offerings that should be added to your ''must have'' list for your next trip to the store. The beer is the Brooklyn Oktoberfest from Brooklyn Brewery.

In the glass it has a clear, dark copper color with a fluffy white head. As far as Oktoberfest beers go, this is what you are looking for. When you go in for a smell, you pick up on toasted bread, toffee, and slight hints of caramel. There are a couple of spice notes that pop through from time to time in a peppery form, and they lend some assistance to the overall warm feel of the beer. And somehow through the aromas, you are even able to get the feeling of crispness for this beer.

The taste of this beer about as spot on for the Oktoberfest style as it gets. The dominant flavor that comes through is the bready malts. They come through well in a warm and toasted fashion. Notes of toffee and caramel make themselves known from time to time. There is a slight bite from the hops, and it works well with the peppery spice notes that tingle your tongue throughout the flavor train. If you are really careful, you can even pick up on some nuttiness hiding in the glass. The mouthfeel on this one is crisp and clean, just like noted earlier in the nose. It helps give this beer a high level of drinkability, which translates into the makings of a very nice session beer.

Brooklyn Brewery is one of those breweries that you can always rely on to give you a quality product, no matter what the style. The Brooklyn Oktoberfest is no exception. As far as a recommendation for this beer, its really rather simple. If you are in the mood for a great Oktoberfest beer, this one will fit the bill just fine. It doesn't matter if you are new to the better beer game, or a seasoned veteran. Everyone can appreciate this beer for being a quality example of the Oktoberfest style. The flavors and aromas are spot on, and the high level of drinkability make it a winner on all fronts. So do yourself a favor and if you see this one when you're out and about, grab it and get to work. Tis the season my friends. Drink like it.

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Brooklyn Oktoberfest by Brooklyn Brewery
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