A little less than legendary
A Review of Legend Pale Ale by Legend Brewing Co.
Posted on 11/7/2011 by Brew's Your Daddy
Seeing as how my co-founder and I had full access to the World Beer Fest in Durham, NC, including both sessions, we ended up having a bit of time to kill between resets. Being the resourceful little founders that we are, we decided that during the break we should scout the grounds for interesting beers and breweries that we didn't get a chance to sample during the first session. We rounded the corner at one of the isles, and my eyes locked on a stand that I hadn't even seen during the first go at it. I made a mental note to stop in at it as soon as things got started back up. Fast forward an hour later, and I found myself standing at the Legend Brewing Company booth. The first offering that caught my eye was their cask Pale Ale.

In the glass it had an hazy golden brown coloration to it with a foamy white head that stayed around for a while. Right off the bat the usual pale ale aromas started wafting from the glass. Earthy hops were easily noted in the nose, along with a pretty decent malt backbone. I picked up on pine, and a bit of light grapefruit in the hops department, while the malts tended to lean towards a maple syrup scent, rather than the usual caramel malts one might find in a pale ale. I even detected some spicy, herbal notes in there that closely reminded me a bit of cloves.

The first taste gave me a decent mouthful of pale ale goodness. Right off the bat, there was the hops citrus punch, accompanied by the normal hops bite. It came across as a mixture of potent pine and grapefruit, but thanks to the nice malt profile, it never got too far into the abusive range. The malts came through in a toasted bread layer, and never made it fully to the sweet maple syrup range that I detected in the nose. This accompanied by the medium body, and fair carbonation helped to keep it pretty refreshing, and left me with only the slightest bit of a citrus hops aftertaste.

Among the many beers that I tried at the World Beer Fest, I wouldn't say that Legend Brewing Company's Pale Ale falls into my top three or anything like that, but at the same I can say that it steered well clear of the bottom three. I think that any level of beer drinker could easily drink this one, but I don't think that its going to blow anyone away. It has plenty of good flavor, and goes down rather easily, but doesn't do much to make itself stand out from a very crowded style category. I would feel comfortable telling you all that if you saw it when out and about, it is a safe bet. You aren't going to be disappointed if you are looking for a standard pale ale. But if you are looking for a real eye opener, then you might want to continue to browse.

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Legend Pale Ale by Legend Brewing Co.
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