A frankenbrew from Frankenmuth
A Review of Red Sky Ale by Frankenmuth Brewery
Posted on 6/22/2011 by Chops
I love finding mind twister beers. Those delightful beverages that leave your brain thinking about them long after you finish them. I finished my Red Sky Ale a few minutes ago and I'm still putting the pieces together. Amusingly enough, no other website I have visited can agree on what style this beer is. Some call it an amber, others call it a brown, and some even call it an Irish red. So what do I call it? An amb.. red... brow... um... ambrowishred. Hell, I have no idea. But one thing is for certain: it's damn tasty.

Once in the glass, it firmly enters Irish red territory. It has that beautiful warm brown coloration with a red haze. But once you get a good whiff, things start to get peculiar. Pungent hops? Tart fruits? Sweet caramels? Toasted breads? Wow, did not expect all of that. This beer has one hell of a confusing aroma. Really interesting and fun to dissect, but perplexing.

That first sip didn't really help matters. A very thin, yet direct hop-laden front. Lots of toasted malts in the middle with some caramel notes floating around. And then poof, disappears from your palate, leaving only a faint citrusy finish. The mouthfeel is quite dry, so those flavors race right across your tongue and down your throat. It's quite a challenge to pick out all those flavors before they vanish. Second time around I got some tangy spices and a nutty malt. Third time around I got some sour notes. What? Now I'm dealing with characteristics of a Flanders red ale. Great. I swear, it's like every sip is a new beer. My brain is in a WTF battle with my tongue.

Overall, Red Sky is a very tasty brew, but I still have no idea how to classify it. I can't really call it a good representation of any specific style. It's actually pretty close to frankenbrew territory (and with a brewery named Frankenmuth, maybe that's the idea). On the other hand, I can happily recommend it to any beer lover with a sense of adventure. I must admit, Red Sky is a really fun beer to study.

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Red Sky Ale by Frankenmuth Brewery
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