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Beer Styles : Smoked and Wood-Aged Beer
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Not to be confused with a traditional Rauchbier, a Smoked Beer can be quiet a robust, even an overpowering beer, more so with versions that use peat smoked malt which carries a cloying smoked flavor that can ruin a beer in excess. Peat smoked malts are used in many other styles, like Scotch Ales in a liberal way though many American brewers use more typically in Porters. The flavor of peat smoke tends to be much stronger and more assertive so brewers use very modest amounts in the mash.
Types of Smoked and Wood-Aged Beer
Märzen/Oktoberfest-style beer with a sweet, smoky aroma and flavor and a somewhat darker color.
This is any beer that is exhibiting smoke as a principle flavor and aroma characteristic other than the Bamberg-style Rauchbier (i.e., beechwood-smoked Märzen). Balance in the use of smoke, hops and malt character is exhibited by the better examples.
A harmonious blend of the base beer style with characteristics from aging in contact with wood (including any alcoholic products previously in contact with the wood). The best examples will be smooth, flavorful, wellbalanced and well-aged. Beers made using either limited wood aging or products that only provide a subtle background character may be entered in the base beer style categories as long as the wood character isn't prominently featured.
Examples of Smoked and Wood-Aged Beer  |  See All
Beer Name Brewery Style ABV
(0) Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin North Coast Brewing Co. Wood-Aged Beer 12.1%
(0) Beatification Russian River Brewing Co. Wood-Aged Beer ---
(1) White Monkey Victory Brewing Co. Wood-Aged Beer 9.5%
(1) Otto Ale Victory Brewing Co. Other Smoked Beer 8.1%
(1) Charkoota Rye New Holland Brewing Co. Other Smoked Beer 7.75%
(2) Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale Rogue Ales / Oregon Brewing Co. Other Smoked Beer 5.6%
(0) Ashtray Heart Evil Twin Brewing Other Smoked Beer 8.9%
(0) Paradox Arran BrewDog Wood-Aged Beer 15%
(2) Fireside Ale Weyerbacher Other Smoked Beer 7.5%
(1) Fifteen Weyerbacher Other Smoked Beer 10.8%
(0) Barrel Aged Grizz Bear Republic Brewing Co. Wood-Aged Beer 9.7%
(0) Charbonnière Dieu Du Ciel Brasserie Other Smoked Beer 5.4%
(0) Smokehaus Devils Backbone Brewing Co. Classic Rauchbier 5.3%
(0) Smoked Scottish Ale Wild Wolf Brewing Co. Wood-Aged Beer 5.6%
(0) Bestway IPA Olde Hickory Brewery Wood-Aged Beer 5.5%
(0) Nectarine Grizz Bear Republic Brewing Co. Wood-Aged Beer 9.7%
(0) Barrel Aged No. 1 Great Northern Brewing Co. Wood-Aged Beer 5.2%
(1) Big Butt Oak Aged Barley Wine Black Isle Brewing Co. Wood-Aged Beer 8.5%
(0) Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star Fremont Brewing Co. Wood-Aged Beer 11%
(0) Old Knucklehead BridgePort Brewing Co. Wood-Aged Beer 9.2%
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